Below are examples of my construction drawings for a complex building in a tight urban situation. The project was situated between two existing 4 storey buildings and featured facade retention, a new basement and provision for 13 flats and a restaurant unit at ground floor.

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A cross section through the stair well.

A cross section through the atrium. This section also includes some information on ground conditions and water table on the lower left hand side.

First Floor Plan.

A drawing of the in-progress master model which generated all of the 2D views to maintain consistency across all of the drawings.

Basement secondary waterproofing details in addition to the use of waterproof concrete.

Preliminary details including a cantilevered balcony with thermal break.

A drawing of a detailed door schedule generated from the master 3D model.

An example of my detailed drainage coordination package using actual fittings. These drawings show the pipework in elevation.

Lift coordiantion drawings showing the shaft at every level.

Details of the junctions and cappings at the top of the building where it joins the neighboring properties. One of the neighboring properties had a vaulted roof extension.

I ensured that the space between the two existing buildings was scanned in 3D to produce a point cloud. I analysed this data in various ways. This drawing shows the line of the retained facade at different levels to ensure that the new prefabricated LGS frame would fit in and support the facade.

This drawing shows 3D coordinate setting out data taken directly from my 3D computer model and scheduled. The coordinates were entered into a total station to allow comprehensive setting out of the complicated basement shell on site.